Dearest Friends,

The Perfect Ending…The Perfect Beginnings

We planned our last show in a remote mountain village. The road was so bad that we had to get out of the truck and walk up a hill so that the guys on the team could try and fix the road with a hoe and rocks. Sadly, it did not work and we were faced with a simple decision. We could give up or start walking. None of us were willing to break our promise to the children. We started walking.

We walked up the side of the mountain and my strength gave out. I could go no further. Tik came up with a brilliant idea. He went to the school, more than a mile away, and led the children to us. He looked liked the Pied Piper of Hamlin with a long line of children stretched out behind him. I was amazed that the principal said yes and came with Tik.

By God’s grace, I had stopped in a very wide place in the road. We set up our stage and easel and PA. The children and many adults arrived. With the help of our puppet team, I was able to tell the story. As we led the children in a prayer to trust in Jesus as their Savior, no one prayed with us. Then on the second line of the prayer, the children and some adults prayed loudly. It was really loud. It was wonderful. We saw the ladies faces change. They were radiant with joy! Their smiles were so sweet.

Today was a day to pray without ceasing. We held onto to Gods promise that tells us " we can do all things through Jesus who strengthens us.’ All of us paid a price for today’s show but we all agreed that it was worth it! Tik received an invitation to come to the village and show the Jesus film. He will also bring the puppet program. This was a blessed day! Please pray for this village!

We witnessed a mighty outpouring of God’s spirit!

In Jesus, Linda for Jolly , Tik and the Nepali Puppet Team