Dearest Friends,

Our Jungle Adventure

For the past 2 days we have been traveling into the jungle where the tigers live. So cool! We did shows in a village and in front of a church. . Today we had a women’s conference in the same area. We started out on paved roads which quickly became dirt . In places, it did not look like a road at all,

The children were so glad we came. No one ever comes to them. They live in places most people do not see. Everyone really listened to the stories I told. We heard children practically shouting their prayers to ask Jesus to rescue them. We gave away more than a 120 Bibles to ladies with radiant smiles. This has been a glorious 2 days!

Pray For Our Driver

Our driver is a kind young man, but not a believer. His family are Christian’s , but he has only head knowledge of the Gospel. Please pray for this dear young man to trust in Jesus!

In Jesus, Linda for Jolly , Tik and The Nepali Puppet Team