Dearest Friends,

On The Street

In the middle of the afternoon, a large group of children gathered by the railroad track. Many of them were dressed in rags. Their clothes were mostly dusty and dirty. Over the hour-plus that the show lasted, the children continued to come. Even when we finished, there were still children running down the street to come to the program. We found it very encouraging to see that there were many children genuinely interested in seeing the puppets.

As we gave the children an opportunity to come pray with us, something happened that I have never seen until today. The children began to pray in English though that was not their first language; however, the children also prayed in Tonga, one of their native languages. They were so hungry to meet Jesus that they prayed in both languages. It was beautiful!

God gave us a superior translator today. Isaac was willing to do absolutely everything I did, and the children loved him for it. He is a student at the local bible college. He plans on becoming a pastor.

Please Pray

Zambia declares itself a Christian nation, but many are not discipled. This means that they would struggle to survive a trial or test of their faith.

Tomorrow we have an opportunity to share Jesus at a local church and in the village, Mukuni. Please cover both of these events with prayer. Ask The Father to call many children to Himself.

In Jesus Name,

For Drake, Kelsey, Leslie, Jess, Todd & Kim Smith- missionaries to Zambia, and Rina Blomerus- South African Director