Dearest Friends,

We love this!

This evening we did a show in the village, Mukuni. This place is famous for its carvings and other handmade goods. It was our favorite show of the day because of the way the children listened to the story of Jesus. They were so excited when Jesus calmed the storm that they started clapping and cheering for Him. I always love when this happens because it shows me that they were really caught up in the wonder of Jesus’ miracles.

The children sat in the dirt to watch the show. They were wearing rags, as they have been at every show, but someday I believe that they will be walking streets of gold, dressed as sons and daughters of God, The Father. I have complete belief that Jesus can absolutely solve every problem that these children face. Please continue to hold them in your prayers.

Many of the men in the village came to the show. They later remarked, "We love this!". It was very encouraging to see so many men come to the program, and find such joy in it.

So Many Children

There were hundreds of children who came to watch the puppet show at 8:00 this morning. This was the special Childrens service. They have this at the church every Sunday. I did not expect to see so many children, especially at 8:00. I also did not expect to hear so many children praying out loud, calling on Jesus to rescue them. This was a morning when The Father surpassed our expectations.

Please Pray

Tomorrow we leave for an area in the bush about two hours west of the town of Zimba. There are no churches in this area, and it is a very spriptually dark place. Witch-craft is commonly practiced in these villages, so you can see why we need you to pray. We expect to share with more than 1200 children on Monday, tomorrow.

We do not expect to have internet coverage, so it will be about five days before we can tell you what God did. We will be camping in an area with no electricity, therefore things will be a little different. Please pray everyday for the children we will be seeing. Please ask God to touch their hearts and call them to faith. Please ask The Father to raise up a Church in this area.

In Jesus,

Drake, Kelsey, Leslie, Jess, Todd & Kim Smith- Missionaries to Zambia, and Rina Blomerous- South Africa Puppet Director