Dearest Friends,

Rarely have I traveled in such a remote place. It is wonderful! There is no electricity here. The children have nothing, but they are listening to the stories with such delight! The puppets amaze them, as does the team when they share their testimonies. So many are praying aloud, asking for Jesus to rescue them. Praise God!

We travel in grass that is taller than our vehicles and turn right at a shrub or left at a tree. Awesome! Every night, we go to a church in small, dirt floored buildings. One church had grass bundles for walls. The worship is so sweet! Every night we see people trust in Jesus!

We sleep in tents under a canopy of stars. The sky declares God’s majesty. We stand in awe of our Father!

We are encountering some opposition, but Jesus is opening doors and hearts to His love. We honestly cannot believe how good God is to us!

Please keep praying!

In Jesus,

Linda, Jess, Drake, Kelsey, Leslie, Todd & Kim Smith