Dearest Friends,


No one does a show on the way to the airport, but we did. We met a wonderful man named Johannes who is a good friend to Todd and Kim Smith, our missionary friends in Zambia. He invited us to come to his school for the deaf.
Next year, we plan to work with him in Ethiopia.

This was one of my very favorite shows in Zambia. Johannes was translating for me and I could feel God’s spirit on both of us. When the children and young people heard a part of the program they liked, they put their hands in the air and shook them. They did this instead of clapping. To finish, I told a story about a man who did not know Jesus. He said to his daughter, "I do not love you. I do not want you. I wish you had never been born." As I was sharing this story to the children, I saw their eyes fill with tears. This was a common experience for most of them. When you are born deaf in Zambia, you are so unwanted, your parents do not even give you a name. This story touched their hearts!

I explained to them how they should never listen to people who said mean things to them. I told them to listened to God who said this to me, "I see you. I know your names. You are a treasure to me!" What a sweet joy to tell this to children how to forgive the people who hurt them and experience real love when they put their trust in Jesus!!


I met Peter at the deaf school. He was 15 years old and being raised by a 16 year old. Before he was 3 months old, both of his parents died of AIDS which they passed on to their son. His aunt began to care for him, but she has also died from AIDS.

By the time he was five years old, he was critically ill and in need of medicine. The hospital refused to give him the treatment he needed unless she paid them 45 kwacha. This is about $4.50. Since she did not have the money, Peter was dying. When Pastor Johannes found out about the problem, he told the aunt to go back to the hospital and pay for the medicine with his money. As soon as she received the medicine and paid them, she was told to ask for a receipt. As soon as they were asked for a receipt, they realized that they had been caught and said the medicine was free. They gave her back her money. They were willing to let that little boy and many others die because of their selfish greed.

Peter survived that experience and is now a healthy teenager. Three years ago he put his trust in Jesus and has forgiven the people who tried to hurt him. Peter gave me a big hug at our last show. I felt someone had given me the best Christmas gift. Please continue to pray for Peter and all of the other children and young people at the deaf school. They must put their trust in Jesus so that they can forgive.


Tomorrow Thursday, June 8th, we leave for Houston and on to Lima, Peru. We are very happy to have the opportunity to work with Donna Saune at Runa Simi. We will also be working with Carlos in a new city with children who live in a terrible place. In between these two opportunities, we will have our first national Peruvian puppet conference. Please pour prayer on all of these events. Please ask God to do great things in the lives of the children. If you have a heart for the work in Peru, please help us with the expenses by visiting the donate button on the webpage or mailing a check to the address on the webpage.

In Jesus, Linda for Kelsey, Drake, Leslie, and Jess