Dearest Friends,


There are so many sweet things happening with the children that it is simply easier to send you a list!
1. The roof of the little church was made of sections of flatly woven basket panels. It had all the holes of a normal basket so we were praying that it would be dry enough for us to do a show. It had rained hard the night before. Somehow, the place was mostly dry.. We did the show and many children culled on Jesus!
2. Seeing a church that was literally full of children. It is in a desperately poor part of town where the adults were not interested in Jesus. But the children loved Him.
3. Visiting Carlos’s church gave us a sweet time of fellowship. His school was just as sweet!
4. Having children come to thank you after a show with hugs never gets old.
5. Our favorite show of the day was at a public school. Everything could have gone badly, but the Father pored His spirit on these children. They listened intently and so many prayed loudly, asking Jesus to rescue them. It really was incredib!

In Jesus, Linda for Everyone