Dearest Friends,


We have had a beautiful adventure.I want to take you to the mountains. For some, life has changed little in decades. They still cook over an open fire, They still wear the traditional clothes that their people have long worn. They live in tiny places with dirt floors.

One day, a pastor feasted us on bowls of boiled potatoes and a kind of crumbled cheese. We were advised that this cheese was not safe for us. There was no salt or butter as these are things they do not think about. Life is simple.

Most of the children who come to our shows will not graduate high school. For some, there is simply not the option as there are no high schools in their area. They value different things. Growing your own food and being able to build your own house is a priority. Physical strength is a big part of being a good farmer.

The Quechua language is disappearing because parents do not speak it to their children. Theirs is a beautiful world which we were blessed for a short time Yo visit. We saw so many children put their trust in Jesus. Please hold their new faith before the Father. Please pray for us as we begin our journey home tonight.

In Jesus, Linda for Jess, Kelsey, Drake, and Leslie