Dearest Friends,

High Altitudes!

We are working at around 10,000 feet, but today we went higher. We traveled for more than an hour outside of Ayacucho to remote villages. The views of the Andes were spectacular! The sound of the children praying was even more spectacular!

This day required great prayer. I really struggled with my COPD and the Father really answered my prayers for strength. I felt so weak and so very tired, but by God’s strength, I told 2 strong stories.

I always tell people that you work better as a team. Today, sweetly illustrated that truth. After my team saw how I struggled at the first show, they told me that I could break the story wherever I needed to by introducing a puppet song. They promised to come running! That break enabled me to tell a better story and finish strong.

We were very blessed by today! These children were in such a remote area that they had never seen or even imagined what we brought. Please pray for all those who trusted in Jesus today! We worked with a sweet local pastor who will encourage them.

Four Shows

Trying to make the most of our time in Ayacucho, we did 4 shows yesterday! They were each very different, targeting a different group of children. We went to private and Christian schools. We shared with very young children , primary and elementary ages, and even teenagers. One group had special needs and came with their parents.

So many trusted in Jesus from all the different groups. It was a sweet reminder that the Lord calls to all of us at different times. I received a sea of hugs and an ocean of thanks! Please keep praying! There is a good church here in Ayacucho where we are planting a new puppet ministry that can check on these children.

In Jesus, Linda for Kelsey, Drake, Leslie and Jess