Dearest Friends,

Smokey Mountain Shows

In the last 2 days, we have done 5 shows and seen so many children! While we are teaching them about God’s great rescue plan , they are teaching us about the importance of hugs. Four little girls gave Kelsey a group hug.. At 3 shows, little boys and girls literally lined up to hug me. It was so sweet!

The children are also being used by God to teach us humility. Each show is a big effort. It takes all 5 of us to get everything set up in the half hour window that we have. Each show has 2 puppet songs, three stories, 4 Gospel illusions , balloon tying, funny hats , a confetti cannon, and more.

After we finished one show, a little boy came and thanked me . I asked him what his favorite part was and he said, "The spear! I really liked the spear!" This is a prop weuse for the Goliath story. I was standing there exhausted from all we had done and he liked the spear best. It was a beautiful lesson in humility.

The kindness of the children is dear. They always offer to help. I was telling the children about our time in the Zambian bush with no electricity. One little girl asked if we could not give them some of our electricity . Usually the children want the pictures I drew. They are so happy when they receive them! Their big gratitude reminds me to live a grateful life. They remember us from previous years and beg us to come again. We are all so touched by the love they offer us.

In the softest whispers and in louder whispers, we have heard the children calling on Jesus. At one show, dozens and dozens of children prayed very loudly. It is a great blessing to see these precious children trust in Jesus! Please hold them in your prayers.

In Jesus, Linda, Drake , Kelsey, Carley, and Victoria