Dearest Friends,

Broken Places

There are lots of parks around inner city Philadelphia. We have set up in 3 parks to do puppet shows in the last 2 days. We also set up in the middle of a street where they were having a block party on Uber Street. There is always lots of trash and heat and brokenness. We are blessed because though the days are long and hot, the Father always sends us big crowds of children. We hear them calling on Jesus at every show! They are hungry for the hope that only He can give. There is healing in the midst of pain.

There is no hope in these places. There is poverty and drug and alcohol abuse. Homes are broken. So many of the row houses are boarded up. It is depressing, but we love it here. I love standing in the dark and watching God make us light.

For many, the Gospel is news. We watched one family who was driving through the park stop and come to our show. Their faces showed such joy as they heard about God’s rescue plan. The parents and some of their children trusted in Jesus. They wanted the heart picture I drew as a reminder. Pray for them!

We are giving Spanish and English Jesus Storybook Bibles to the children. So many times, I have heard the children express disbelief that they get to keep these books. One little girl said that it was the first book she had ever owned. Most immediately begin to read them. I believe that this is one of the most important things we can do because these Bible stories can change this place. I believe in God’s rescue for these precious children and adults.

We are in a real fight. People always show up at our shows and cause trouble. One young woman had a hookah pipe and blew smoke all over the children as they tried to listen. A lady came and talked half the children into leaving. A dear little 12 year old boy looked up at me and said,"I’m staying. I want to hear what you have to say". He trusted in Jesus yesterday.

Please do not stop praying!
In Jesus, Linda for all of us