Dearest Friends,

Two Marvelous Shows

When Drake comes out dressed as Goliath, I always ask the children to guess who he is. Some have guessed " Hercules "or the giant from Jack in the beanstalk. However, most of the group of children usually shout "Goliath"..

Today was different because only two or three of the children seem to know any of the Bible stories. The Bible stories were new to them. Gods rescue plan was a wonderful surprise! They prayed loud and strong, eager to ask Jesus to rescue them!

The Father also blessed us with 2 locations that had working air conditioners! The heat index was 105 today , so we were very grateful! We were most grateful that the children listened! These were marvelous shows!!!

A Soup Kitchen

When you have money and education, you can hide your brokenness . The dear people we met at the soup kitchen could not hide their problems or their pain. I do not think that I have ever seen so many people in a group limping or walking with canes. Some had obviously destroyed their lives with drugs and alcohol. I saw 2 people get in an argument over a pack of chocolate muffins that appeared to be headed toward a fight. Many had short fuses and were easily provoked. All were dressed in very tired clothes. So many looked sad.

However, I saw their faces change as they watched the show. They smiled and laughed and clapped with the puppets. Some danced. They really listened to the story. We gave their children Jesus Storybook Bibles . If we had given them that book last year, we gave them "40 Reasons to Trust God". We tied balloon animals for them and gave them smiles thanks to your generosity!

It was hot in the church hall where they met, but no one cared. People loved on them and saw past their anger to their needs.They had a good meal and were sent home with a sack of pastries. More, they left with hope. His name is Jesus!

In Jesus, Linda for Drake, Victoria, Ian, Erin, and Caelan