Dearest Friends,

A Broken Heart

There is s praise song that encourages us to pray. " break our hearts with the things that break yours". I think about these words all the time when I stand in front of the children . I know the Father’s heart breaks for these little ones who live in such bad places. I want to see them as He sees them. I want to love them the way I know He loves them.

At one of our last shows in Baltimore, the room was full of children whose parents suffer with alcohol and drug addiction. Home is not a good place for them. I noticed a little 10 year old boy. He had cuts on the left side of his face. I asked him how it happened. He smiled and said," Oh my mother did it, but she did not know the razor was so sharp." My heart broke. Even in his pain, he loved and defended his mother.

We spent July with hurting , broken children, in desperate need of the Father’s rescue. Only Jesus can reach into this little boy’s broken world and give him hope. Please hold him and all the children in your prayers!

We are at the airport now, leaving for Ireland. We will do street shows with the Irish band, Reality. Last year a lady came up to me on the street and said, "Thank you! Last year you spoke to me and gave me a Bible. I was going to go home and kill myself, but I stopped to listen. I have been reading the book. I put my trust in Jesus. Thank you.."

Ireland is full of people who are broken and who need the Hope that only Jesus can give. Please pray for this trip.

In Jesus,

Linda for Kelsey, Drake, Josh, Teresa, Daniel, and Evangeline