Dearest Friends,


Though we have worked in Limerick for many years, I was still surprised by how strongly affected some people were by the very mention of Jesus’ name. I watched one lady and her daughter enjoying the puppet show. Then I started to tell the story of the "Prodigal Son " and as soon as I said "Jesus ", she was offended. I was so sad to see her grab her daughter’s hand and leave. I can still see the little one’s face as she turned to look at me for as long as possible. Please pray for this lady and her daughter.

Two other ladies were very angry at the message. They said some very hard things to Valerie who was passing out free cds of the band’s music and children’s literature. Please pray for these ladies to discover the reality of God and His plan for them.

God gave us a big crowd for one story time, but one third of them left as soon as I mentioned Jesus. We can talk about God , but it is Jesus’ name that people react to so strongly. Still, we are having many requests for Bibles and prayer.

In every town, we have people attending the shows who are obviously affected by drugs or alcohol. Yesterday was no different. A man tried to punch the puppets and then went over and hugged the speakers. Please ask the Father to deliver him and call him to faith.

My Family

It is very sweet to share these adventures with my family. Having Josh, Teresa, Evangeline and Daniel with me is a great blessing. Every show that we are doing is on the street, so Daniel and Evangeline are wearing costumes when they share their testimonies. Daniel is dressed as a knight and Evangeline as a princess.

One lady today was very responsive to my granddaughter ‘s testimony. Maria said that the Bible verse that Evangeline shared was her favorite scripture. She was very moved and it was sweet to see the Lord use Evangeline’s story.


We have an opportunity to go to Burma this fall. It is a country under persecution due to religious nationalism. The attacks are primarily aimed at one ethnic group. We plan on doing 2 women’s conferences, training 25 storytellers, equipping one puppet director, and giving away Bibles at the conferences.

I read the testimony of a young woman who had left the worship of Buddha and come to faith in Jesus. She said, "Idols are not alive. I no longer wanted to worship them. Jesus is alive. I want to worship Him."

Please pray about this trip. Cover all of the details in prayer. Also, would you please consider giving toward this trip? I will need around 10,000 dollars. Thank you!

In Jesus, Linda for Reality, God’s Handiwork,Josh, Teresa, Daniel, Evangeline, Kelsey and Drake