Dearest Friends,


This was yesterday’s email, but most people did not receive it.

Bibles in Galway

We were blessed to see the Father hold back the rain so that in one evening and two afternoons, we did 6 shows with Reality. I am so amazed at God! I remember so many times in the past when the rain stopped us.

The shows were not without small problems because all of these programs were done on the street. Skateboarders were speeding past the children. Two guys ran past us screaming. A drunk man danced to the band’s songs. Then he switched to loud cursing and accusations. He yelled ,"When Jesus comes back, He will give all the money to the poor." This yelling went on for quite a while.

All of us were thrilled to see people’s real hunger to know more about Jesus. We gave away all of our Bibles , bought more , and ran out again. Many people came and asked for prayer and booklets that explained God’s rescue plan. I will not forget their faces as they listened to the stories. I saw a deep longing reflected in their eyes. Please pray for Galway!

In Jesus, Linda for Reality, God’s Handiwork, and
Josh, Teresa, Daniel, Evangeline, Kelsey, and Drake