Dearest Friends,

I am often asked why we want so desperately to do street shows. The answer is very simple. So much of the world does not ever attend church, but they will stop to watch a puppet show and listen to a band. We saw many people request Bibles and ask for prayer on our last trip to Ireland. One of my greatest joys was having some of my grandchildren and children working with me on the street. I was equally because two of the regular USA team members, Drake Cabe and Kelsey Lawrence, also with me. This was the best team! We had so much fun.

The band commented that we worked seamlessly together and I agreed. There is no competition between our two ministries as we are sharing. This is certainly as it should be but it is rare for two performance based ministries to have such a humble and sweet relationship. I am very grateful to our Irish friends in Reality and our puppet director, Sam Shaw, for all that they did to make this trip possible. I am especially thankful to God our Father for the way He called people to listen whether the sun was shining or not. Please continue to pray for the people of Ireland, asking God to call them to deep faith.


Since our return in August, we have done some local shows, been speaking at churches, and reconnecting with many people that support this work. In all of these things, I have been blessed and encouraged by people’s deep interest in the lives of children that they have never met.

Every time that I stand in front of children here at home I find that I often think of our last shows in Baltimore this summer. We had a huge crowd of children in front of us whose parents struggled with different forms of addiction. The parent’s problems made the children’s lives very difficult. There was one little ten year old boy who had cuts on the side of his face. I asked him how it happened and was brokenhearted at his answer. He told that his mother did it with a razor. He defended her by saying she did not know it was that sharp. Please pray for this little boy and all of the children who have attended the show that we have done at home. The Father knows their names.

In Jesus,
Linda for Drake, Kelsey, and Leslie