Dearest Friends,

Only In My Dreams

When I was a little girl, I read stories about heroes. I read about men and women who lived to tell people in far away places who Jesus was and how He could change them. I dreamed of having such a great adventure!

Now, I am in a really far away place and living my dreams. Today, a man said to me,” You are the first American missionary to come here since 1966. Thank you for coming . We are so grateful!” I wanted to cry! I am the grateful one.

Today, we trained and equipped 25 storytellers. Last night and tonight , we spoke and trained young people at a seminary. Tommorow morning, we have a puppet show. Then , we will travel to an even more remote place. Cover us in ceaseless prayer! Kneel so that we can stand. This trip is better than I imagined. I have so many invitations to consider. Joy!

In Jesus, Linda for Sam and Tik and new friends‌