Dearest Friends,


We arrived at the school to do one show and it quickly became 3 shows. We were able to share with over 900 children and their teachers. The students were mostly Buddhists, Hindus, and Moslems. What a joy! What a surprise! I was even asked to do a devotion with the teachers before we started.This was another surprise!

Only 3 years ago, the military leadership of this country changed. People are still very reserved and publically not responsive. I have no idea what the Father did, but I know it was something wonderful! They all heard about the living God who wants to rescue them!

30 Children

Our new puppet director cares for 30 children with her husband. When we arrived in this very distant place last night, all 30 of them were lined up to welcome us… from the youngest to the oldest. They had a big bouquet of yellow roses and mums for me. I was so humbled and blessed and surprised! Pray for all of these precious children!

In Jesus, Linda for Sam and Tik