Dearest Friends,

A Dancing Elephant

Yesterday , I was resting in my room between shows and I heard a big commotion on the street outside my window. There was a very well dressed dancing elephant! Okay , it was 3 people dressed as a dancing elephant. They were celebrating some Buddhist festival. All around me, I see evidence of the darkness. Everyday , I watch people offer sacrifices to their household god. They give it flowers and food. My heart breaks.

I was even more broken by the false teaching at a church where I did a women’s conference. Not one lady could tell me how to become a Christian. All thought that God is the Father of all whether or not they know Jesus. Only a few ever read their Bibles. They did not pray. I was very sad until I realized that the Father was allowing me to be the Light in the darkness. I realized that I was here to share His hope even in places where I thought we were not needed. One lady spoke to me after the conference. She had a radiant smile!She thanked me for telling her about Jesus. His story was news to her even though she had been in church all her life. There is a great need here for sound Biblical teaching for the pastors .

Today, I have another one of these conferences. Please pray! All of the people in this village say they know Jesus , but some keep household gods. They are drunkards and struggle to be faithful in their marriages. Pray for wisdom for me as I speak. This village could become a beacon of hope for surrounding communities!

The Joy

It is always the children who give me joy! In 2 shows yesterday, so many called on Jesus. They ached to know Him! They were happy with everything we did! All of the children from our puppet directors’ home came to both shows, riding in the back of a big pickup truck. It was a beautiful day!

In Jesus, Linda for Sam and Tik‌