Dearest Friends,

The Biggest Blessing!

Your generosity met every need that I listed for the 30 children that our puppet directors are caring for in their home. More, we were able to do an extra project that will be a blessing to the children and to the hundreds of children that they seek to serve in summer camps at their home. I knew about this need but I never imagined that this need could also be met. We have the funds to build an open sided shelter beside the house that can offer shade for 100 children at one time. This will help the children in the home by giving them a place to dry clothes in the rainy season. So many more children will sit in the shade and hear stories about our great king! Awesome!

I can not thank you enough for your kindness! We have also been passing out Bibles at the ladies conferences. So many ladies grabbed my hands today and said thank you. Their faces were shining with joy!

We had enough Bibles left to give to all the children that needed one who live with our directors. You have all come together to reach so many people for Jesus in Burma. Thank you for sending Sam, Tik and I! Imagine the smiles you will see in heaven!

In Jesus, Linda for Tik and Sam