Dearest Friends,

Little Boys

Everywhere I look, I see little boys dressed as monks. They often come to the temples because they are orphaned or their families can not care for them. At a certain age, they can choose to leave, but where would they go?

The traditions of Buddhism are upheld very strongly in Myanmar. Monks pray throughout the day to honour the teachings of Buddha. Daily , they walk about and ask for alms from people so that they can eat. Other people sit at their jobs chanting prayers. The most religious Buddhist country in the world, Myanmar has the highest proportion of monks and nuns, with somewhere between 80 and 90 percent of the population practicing Buddhism.

To most, Christianity is a complete stranger. God has given Sam and Tik and I a big vision for reaching the children of this place for Jesus Christ. We met with friends last night and planned future work. Please cover these dreams in prayer.

We begin traveling home today. I will arrive in Atlanta on Thursday night. Please cover our journeys with prayer. Please rejoice for all we have seen God do!

In Jesus, Linda for all of us