Dearest Friends,

Who is Jesus?

My friends visited a Syrian lady living in a house where her living space was under a staircase . She had three children. When my friends delivered food to her, they said that this was a gift from Jesus. She said to thank Him and tell him hello. She thought He was some guy who had sent her food. She had never heard about Jesus, the great rescuer.

We visited a lady today who is Muslim , but open to talking about Jesus. She had several friends over and God have us a group of children. I told them a story from our trip to Zambia. We talked about African animals and made funny sounds for each animal. Everyone laughed. Laughter in such a place is a rare and precious gift.

I told them who I talked about with the children in Africa. I told them how Jesus could take away their fear. We had to be wise and careful in what we said because many in that community do not want people talking about Jesus. We did not want to cause the ladies trouble, but we did not want to leave them without hope. Please pray for them. God knows their names.

These are only 2 stories in a nation where one out of every four people is a Syrian refugee. The refugees usually live in bad places. They run across the border with nothing. The children suffer the most! Pray!

Hope For The Hopeless

I would really love to see 2000 dollars committed to pay for Bibles. My friends can deliver these into Syria, but they need our help. There is no better weapon against the darkness than the light of God’s word. Two people have written me and committed to buy Bibles. One dear friend committed to purchase 4 Bibles and another friend also promised to help. Will you help? Syria needs Jesus!

One More Time

Please consider the following request:
Beannie Babies…We are completely out of these delightful little stuffed toys and need more for Nepal. These toys are the keys to open doors for Hindu children to hear about Jesus. I need 500 by February 4th. I am really hoping that some of you who are reading this email have collections you want to give away. Please pray for this need and the Bible project!

In Jesus, Linda