Dearest Friends,

A Safe Place

My friends do a beautiful work with Syrian refugee children. They provide them a safe place to learn and simply be children. Today, I have 2 programs with these children. Please pray!

My puppet team are all involved in this work. The following is an exert from a report they wrote. Please rejoice with them!

Working for over 4 years with the children came with beautiful results:

* children know most of the Bible stories in New and Old Testament;
* they recognize Jesus as Son of God and God incarnated in the same time;
* they know to pray;
* they behave and know morals/ you can clearely see the difference between the way thay use to act in the beginning and the way they act now;
* the parents get to know about the person of Jesus because once they get home, the children will tell them the stories they heard at the center;
* children understand concepts like "sin", "eternal life", "born again", "forgiveness"

This is an incredible testimony to how the Lord is working. Many of you have prayed for this place and helped to feed the children at the center. You have also been a blessing to these very hurting children!

In Jesus, Linda