Dearest Friends,

What is worse than the war? To be a girl in the war

My friend Georgiana wrote the following piece. She is a wonderful storyteller for the puppet ministry and has a big heart for the Syrian women and children!! They are the focus of her ministry. The following story is the story of so many. Please let the Lord break your heart for the girls who suffer war and it’s horrors.

From Georgiana: On one of the visits I met this girl. She is 15. Beautiful face and eyes, very polite and trying to always smile. How sweet, you must think, but no. A little baby started to cry inside and she rushed in quickly and come back holding a girl. Her sister? No. Her daughter!!! She was a mother. A child forced to raise a baby. Than she started to tell us her story. Even if her mother was there she didn’t care. It was like she reached the power to speak up for herself …the way she never did before.

She said, “ I got married when I was 13 years old. I didn’t want to but my parents did not care that I sill wanted to go to school, I look at the mother and she was laughing (how sad). Than the girl looked up straight at her mom and she continued. “I told her that she was destroying my future, that she put me in a grave… and I wish she would not do the same with my younger sisters.

As I started to look at the mother , I whispered "Why?” She started to laugh again, covering her face with her arms and told me, “Heyda nasiba"- which means "that was her luck". She tired to explain to us that the girl was beautiful and she was afraid for her and the best thing for her was to get married and then she said something about how hard their situation was… in fact, they sold their daughter for money.

The Muslim tradition says that the groom has to pay money and gold for the family of the bride.
This is what the lack of God and His wisdom does in people’s lives They need Jesus so much!!

I beg you to pray! I am in England now, but my heart is in Lebanon with it’s suffering children.

In Jesus, Linda