Dearest Friends,

Joy in the Morning

This morning we went to a village school. They would not allow us to do a puppet show and we began to pray. The Lord gave us a good idea. We offered to go room to room and tell the children a story .

It was amazing! We spent about 20 minutes in each room . All of the teachers left and we had the sweetest opportunity to tell the children everything we wanted to say about Jesus. They were really listening!

My friend said that she saw them be amazed and curious and happy. They had true joy when they heard that Jesus could take away their fear and give them hearts full of love. Though we could not pray with the children , we told them how to pray. It is all the same to God.

They loved the story and every wonderful thing that I pulled out of the big cloth sack that I was using for my story bag. They also loved the gifts we gave them. The promise of these gifts opened the door for many children to hear about Jesus. Your generosity threw open the doors for these children to know Jesus! By God’s grace, well done!

In Jesus, Linda