Dearest Friends,

How Do You Describe Amazing?

Yesterday was an incredible day which I would describe as "amazing". The problem is that I very much want to take you there so that you can share in the blessing we received.

When we arrived at the village, people began to gather quickly. In the end, we had a crowd numbering hundreds. Their numbers had pressed us close to the stage and completely circled us. We had 3 times as many adults as children. They really listened! However, I have done enough of these shows to know that we all needed to be watchful. A pastor friend later told us that the group who had beat up he and his friends the last time they did an outreach were not there. I thought this was wonderful news but the way they listened was amazing. Hope for a man who has never had hope is a wonder that is hard to describe. We gave out around 300 tracts. The pastor who was previously attacked was committed to coming again and sharing Jesus with them. I work with heroes!

After the show, we had lunch at the pastor’s house. You would call it a shack . I would call it a bright light for Jesus in a dark sea. The floors were made smooth by sweeping a mixture of cow dung and mud across them. They put a mat on the floor for me and I rested. I was very blessed by lunch. I had 3 small boiled potatoes and there was even salt. Only when I fly home, will I see butter. Their hospitality was amazing! Pray for angels to guard them!

We finished the day with 2 programs at schools. More than 1000 Hindu people heard about God’s rescue plan. Amazing! I was asleep before 9 o’clock. Amazing…if you know me.

It is the sweetest honor to be light in this place. It is hard to get to the places where we are working. The roads are amazing, but the opportunity justifies the journey. The roads are full of holes and dips and rocks and problems. There is so much dust that it seems like fog. At the end of every day we arrive home covered in dust, especially the guys in the back of the truck. These are amazing days!

In Jesus, Linda for Jolly and our Nepali team