Dearest Friends,

A Light In The Dark

We spent today in a village where one of my Nepali puppeteers grew up. Now, he has a seminary degree and has begun a small church there. Almost every member, he personally led to faith. Wonderful!

In Nepal there is a caste system and Amit and the people of his village are part of the lowest caste. They put them as far away from others as possible. This morning, I shared my testimony in the front room of a believer’s home . This presently serves as their church. The time we spent there today was very sweet!

Since Amit is the only person in the village who has ever received a higher degree, he is well respected, even though he is young. I have worked with him for several years and find him to be humble and kind. He needs our help!

Korean Christians here have built many churches. They only require 3 kattha of land( a quarter of an acre). Because of the gifts of a local believer and a gift of $4,600 from an American church, they only need $1,600 more to finish buying the needed land.

The new church will be centrally located between 3 villages . The government has committed to paving that road. It is a wonderful place!

Can you please help with This need. I want to see a church in this village . We did a puppet show there this afternoon and passed out Children’s Bibles. They were so delighted! Imagine being told all your life that you are worthless and discovering that the living God says that you are a treasure. Wow! Please pray for this need.

In Jesus, Linda for all of us