Dearest Friends,


Kunti is a 14 or 15 year little girl. No one is really sure about her age. She has been raped multiple times. The pastor’s wife found her walking naked in the streets and brought her home. At some point, when she had parents, they married her to an older man when she was 12. She had a child, but the rest of the story is lost.

Now , she is in a safe place and healing. I met her several times and tried to show her love and kindness. I wanted her to know that Jesus could heal her. On the last day we were together, she smiled at me. What a gift! Then she called me "ditti " which means sister. Too many little girls have her story. Please pray for Kunti!

You Want Us To Put The Puppet Stage There???

We set up to do our shows in the most interesting places. Many times we set up beside or near temples to monkey gods. Several of the schools seem asked us to set up near their bathrooms . We even set up on a stage with a very nasty sewage/fish pond right behind us. In one village, we were given the spot where they mix cow dung with hay. They use these bricks to cook over. The spots are always dusty and dirty and blessed!

The Blessing of Villages

Our village shows always start very early in the morning or very late in the afternoon . Too many people are away at other times. The crowds are huge! They number hundreds and the colors of the saris make it a beautiful spectacle!

I was so touched by one very old man at a village. He struggled to walk and used a big stick to rest against. His legs wobbled as he walked. He was so weak! However, when I began to tell the story of Jesus, he found the strength to struggle forward and kneel very close to my feet so that he would miss nothing. I still see the hunger in his eyes!

The children quickly cover the tarp we lay down for them to sit on. They always love the show! Their smiles and laughter echo through the dusty streets. They are eager to hear the stories and respond with joy! These are my favorite shows! Please pray for the thousands of people who heard about Jesus beside a road!


I am thrilled to report that we need only 650 more dollars for the church building fund. It is a small amount to put s bright light in a dark village.


We are starting home today. Please cover us in prayer. It is a long trip and will put us in Atlanta on Thursday afternoon. Thank you so much for sending me!

In Jesus, Linda for Jolly, Tika Ram Baral and our Nepali Puppet Team