Dearest Friends,

I Am Going To Brazil!!!

The visa did not arrive yesterday and I was heart broken! In 29 years of doing this work, we have never failed to keep our promises to our friends we work with around the globe. I could not believe that it did not arrive. I confess that I cried. I know to trust God in all things and so I thanked Him and started smiling again. Still, it was a hard day!

I woke up this morning and started working in my garden. To my surprise, the e-visa arrived. I called my travel agent and he was able to get me the last seat out of Atlanta to Miami, so I could get my San Paulo connection.Praise God! I arrive Thursday evening.

I have to get up at 2:30 AM, but I get to deliver all of that equipment to the 19 puppet teams waiting on me! I will only miss part of the conference.

Yesterday, I was given $100 dollars by a dear lady at First Baptist Atlanta. It was exactly the amount needed for the change fee on this new ticket. It was $160 dollars less than before because there was no fare difference. Another blessing!

My friend Jason said something I really liked. He said that he knew I would stay home and God would do great things or I would go to Brazil and God would do great things. Either way, it was a win- win! I agree and I am grateful for your prayers and God’s mercy!

In Jesus, Linda

The Agape Puppets