Dearest Friends,

The Chief’s Dream

Many years ago, I was in Cameroon. We met a Chief who invited us into his palace. It was made of bamboo, but you must remember that we were in rural Africa.

The chief was sitting on a bamboo throne with several wives on one side. He had a cloth wrapped around his waist and he was a large man. He was wearing lots of beads.

Sam Shaw and I were asked by the Chief to tell him about Jesus. We were very surprised to hear his request since we had been told that he worshipped with witch doctors. So, we asked him why he made such a request.

I have never forgotten what he said. It shocked me. He told us that he had dreamed about God the night before. The Chief said, “God spoke to me and told me that people were coming from far away to see me today. God said that I should listen to them. “

Our team was from France, Brazil Ireland and America. The Chief said,”You are the people of my dream. I will listen to you.” We told him about Jesus. Then , he let us do a show and many children trusted in Jesus! Praise God!

This story always reminds me that nothing is impossible for God! He can do the unbelievable. Please pray that we will have equally amazing stories to tell on this trip to Cameroon. We leave tomorrow, June 7th. Drake , Kelsey and I can not wait to see what the Father does. Please stay on your knees!

If you can help with this trip’s expenses, we would be so grateful. We are looking at $11,000 dollars for tickets , visas and expenses in Cameroon. We will plant a new team and give them $4,000 dollars in equipment . You can donate on the website or mail a check to the address at the bottom of this email. Thank you for praying for the children! Thank you for investing in their lives!

In Jesus, Linda
The Agape Puppets