Dearest Friends,

Safe and Full of Joy

We are very blessed to be in Cameroon. All of our equipment arrived with us and safely. There were no problems at customs.

We have already begun to train a team. More, we had our first show this afternoon. It rained before the show but did not get cooler. All of us have been delighted with the children. Already, we have done a show and heard many children come to faith. They prayed in French and English! It was beautiful!

Please hold us in your prayers! Please pray for the children. Please pray for Cameroon as parts of the country are experiencing difficulty between the French and English sides. There is fighting with the military and things are getting bad. This is not happening where we are , but there is much concern. The English part wants to become the Ambazonian Federal Republic. There has been no school for 2 years and schools have been burned ! Please pray! The people are concerned about a civil war.

In Jesus, Linda for Drake and Kelsey