Dearest Friends,

In The Dark

So many of Cameroon ‘s children live in the darkness. Today, we were in Socapalm and Kribi. The first place is a palm plantation and the second place is the nearest large town. Both are located near the sea. People there worship water spirits. They will tell you that a certain water spirit is their husband or wife.

Our friend, Pastor Wilson, shared Jesus with one lady who held those beliefs some time back. That night, a water spirit spoke to him in a dream and said he was her husband and threatened him. He told the lady about the dream so she could see the danger she was facing. However, she refused to come back to church.

Witch doctors and evil spirits are accepted as truth. They are not seen for the evil they represent. However, today we told hundreds of children that Jesus is the light, the only light of the world. I still hear them praying! They prayed in English and they prayed in French and they asked Jesus to be their King! Please pray for them . Please ask the Father to shelter them from the attacks of the evil one. So many of them crossed their hands over their chest when I told them to hold onto Jesus! Sweet!

Our presence is noticed. Yesterday,we stopped at a gas station. A man was pushing a cart of things to sell. When he saw us, he shook his witch doctor totem at us. Darkness always knows light, but too often, the light does not recognize the battle. Please pray for us! It is so hot. We are always wet and smelly. The food is a challenge. We are not often comfortable. We are very blessed!!! Please kneel so that we can stand!

Do Not Carry A Big Stick!

Hundreds of children waited for us at a Sunday School on Sunday morning. When we arrived, I saw they were using the threat of being hit with a big stick to make the children behave. I confiscated it. Though this is a common practice here, it is a big problem. Remember that this was at a church.

The children really listened to the Gospel. So many prayed. They were hungry to know Jesus who I described as having eyes full of love. He is who everyone hungers to know! The children thanked us and hugged us. Life is beautiful!

In Jesus, Linda for Drake and Kelsey