Dearest Friends,

The past two days that we were in Cameroon, we were not able to send out emails due to the lack of internet. We had to come back early because of safety concerns. While we were there, we saw God do amazing things. Please read the beautiful stories that we would have sent to you!

The Father’s Kindness

The Father kindly gave us two shows in very different places today. Our first program was in a remote village. The children came carrying their chairs. They were so thrilled with everything they saw! Imagine the wonder and delight of a child who has never seen any of the things we bring!

We had to translate into Pidgin, a grammatically simplified form of English. I had never heard this particular dialect and found it very interesting. Here is an example. In John 3:16, God sends "His one and only boy." The children clearly understood the message because so many prayed, calling on Jesus to rescue them. Please ask the Lord to increase these children’s faith and take away their fears.

Our second show was at a little church in the big city of Douala. It was a completely different world, but the need did not change. The children needed to know that God would always rescue them. They needed to understand who Jesus is and what He does.

We translated into French. The children clapped when Jesus calmed the storm. We have seen this so many times and I never cease to be thrilled at this response! We had a big crowd and many trusted in Jesus! It was a wonderful blessing to share with all of these children. Please keep them in your prayers!

In Jesus,
Linda for Kelsey and Drake