Dearest Friends,


I promised you there were many more stories about what we saw God do in Cameroon. On our very last day, we visited a men’s prison. There were also 4 women prisoners in attendance. The picture at the top of the email was inside the prison. A group of men who came to faith in Jesus sang praise songs that they had written themselves to welcome us. I remember only one line that they sang because it spoke to my heart. They sang, “He keep me!” I heard their faith and I saw their faith as they sang with such enthusiasm. I cannot imagine being in such a terrible place and not knowing Jesus. The truth is, I cannot imagine waking up in my farm house in the middle of the country and not knowing Jesus. Where they lived, it was brutally hot and dirty and smelly. They were so glad we came! I am so honored that God would give us this sweet privilege! We heard some of the prisoners calling on Jesus out loud for Jesus to rescue them. Please continue to pray for these people.


Everyday that we were in Cameroon, we saw a sea of children wearing torn, dirty clothes. These clothes had obviously been donated from people in the west and had missing buttons. They were often missing buttons and zippers that did not work.

One day, we visited a orphanage where the children were wearing these same kind of clothes, but they were a big difference. Everything that they were wearing had been mended. The lady that ran the orphanage took amazing care of these children. When we arrived, they all lined to welcome us. They were wearing their very best clothes. They had even prepared a dance to welcome us and to thank us for coming to see them.

As we finished the program, the president of the orphanage prayed for us. He was a young man, an orphan, and around 15 years old. He was wearing his best suit and it was white. He knelt in the dirt and prayed for us. He did not think about his clothes or his image or anything except Jesus. I want to be like this young man. His sweet faith inspired me. Though these children are often hungry, we heard nobody complaining. I will always remember their beautiful smiles. Please pray for these children.

In Jesus,
Linda for Kelsey and Drake