Dearest Friends,


We had such a hard time at our show in St. Louis that these shows proved to be a real blessing. The children really listened! These children were in places where they would usually not hear the Gospel. However, they were very good listeners when they heard how Jesus could rescue them. Many of the children at these two shows ask God to forgive them and put their trust in Jesus. I love the gifts that children give us. Kelsey received a tea bag and I was given an artificial pink rose. I would love to go back to these places and do more programs for them. Please pray for these children and ask God to give them great faith.

One evening, we did a show at Cornerstone Baptist Church, which is where Kelsey attended before she moved to Georgia. I know she enjoyed seeing several old friends and I know they really enjoyed seeing her! The pastor was very encouraging, but he did ask us to pray for him. At the church, we were told that this is a hard city to share the hope of Jesus. He was so happy when three times the amount of people than he expected came to the puppet show. I really enjoyed our time in Kansas and I really enjoyed this church.


It took us much longer than expected to reach Colorado. Early that morning, we had an issue with our brakes and had to stop and get some work done. That meant we were much later to arrive than we had planned. Our directions took us over Independence Pass which is the third highest pass in Colorado. Since it was dark, we were not able to see the spectacular views of the mountains. However, the next day, our friends, Coulter and Ben, took us to see the Maroon Bells. The beautiful picture at the top of our email is from this place. The views of the mountains were a delight to my soul, but I was happiest to see the children who came to the puppet show. There is a wildfire that is burning in this area and has affected many people. It was very sweet to be able to encourage some of the children who had been most affected by this disaster. Please pray for the people in this area as this wildfire is still not under control.

Though it took us an exceptionally long time to reach this place, I felt strongly that this is where God wanted us to be. I still could not tell you any obvious reason for us being there, however, I’m confident that we heard the Father’s voice and did what he wanted us to do.

Prayer Request

We are driving toward New Mexico to share with the Navajo people. Please go ahead of us with your prayers!!

In Jesus,
Linda for
Caelan, Erin, Ian, Kelsey, and Drake