Dearest Friends,

A Desperate Situation

Cameroon is facing a terrible crisis. They are moving toward a civil war in part of the country. Our puppet director ,Wilson , told us that a lady in his church was shot and killed. She was a wife and mother and will be missed. Pray for her family as they face this tragedy and for many others who also are struggling with great loss. Many have died. Over 160,000 have loss their homes and become homeless.

I know the Father can rescue these dear people. For some, rescue will come as they are welcomed into heaven. Others will see God save them in ways they can not imagine. Some ladies spent a terrifying night facing what one described as “a hail of bullets”. Then , God rescued them. I saw the Lord save a young woman with a baby and little girl. She gave Jesus all the glory! I saw a grandmother clutching the hand of her 2 year old grandson , desperate to save his life, rescued.

Please fall on your knees for these brothers and sisters that you will someday know in heaven!

In Jesus, Linda for Kelsey and Drake