Dearest Friends,

Two Children

Today, the six members of our puppet team , along with 10 members of Sacred Road and a few of their young people from church went to an Indian housing project. One of the houses from that place is pictured above. This is a hard place for children . Many bad things happen in this community. As a result, most of the children were not allowed to come to the show.

The Father sent us 2 precious children. I never questioned whether or not we would do the show. None of us did. Who are we to question what God chooses to do? Every child is so precious.

At this show, there was a little girl. Her mother is in jail and she is living with her aunt. She loved her time with all of us. As a result of meeting her, the members of Sacred Road have decided to pick her up for one of their kids clubs. She will be hearing about Jesus on a regular basis. It was worth all of our effort for her to hear about Jesus! I am nothing but blessed!

In Jesus, Linda for all of us