Dearest Friends,

So Many Children

We had over 50 children that came to the puppet show at church this morning. There are more children here at Hope Fellowship than any other group. They also sang for us this morning. It was a very enthusiastic offering of the song”My God is So Big”, complete with hand motions. It was great!

All of them left with Jesus Storybook Bible ‘s. One sweet little one is pictured above, smiling so big as she went home.

The children are not very responsive to our shows. They are much quieter than children usually are at our shows. I was told that they have had so much trauma in their lives that they tend to be more reserved. One little one came today with many bruises and a purple cheek. Their suffering and pain is on going. Hold them in your prayers!

Life is very hard here. The average life expectancy is 39. Young men are 400 per cent more likely to choose suicide. They often hang themselves from a tree. Few know their fathers. Their homes are overcrowded. Home is seldom a safe place. My heart is breaking for these little ones and their families so precious to God, so ignored by the world. Please pray!

In Jesus, Linda for Kelsey, Drake, Ian, Erin and Caelan