Dearest Friends,


The Father gave us a beautiful gift in Chicago. Becky, Kelsey’s mother, was helping us schedule. When she contacted the groups in Chicago that we wanted to do puppet shows for, they refused to let us come because they did not allow anyone to teach religion. Becky asked what to do. I said,”If they are going to reject us, then let them reject us for who we really are. Tell them that we do not teach religion. Say that we talk about hope and love, forgiveness, about Jesus. Then they will have to reject Him. “

When our contact talked with Becky, she said,”Oh if you are going to talk about Jesus, that’s fine.” We were all amazed! The picture above is from that show. It was beautiful! Many children called on Jesus. We gave all of them Jesus Storybook Bibles. Just when you think you have a situation all figured out, God surprises you with joy. I am so grateful for Becky’s persistence!


This was a very difficult show. We were so grateful that God had opened a door in a city that has had so much trouble. I had been praying for several years that God would make a way to talk to children in Detroit. Everywhere we looked there was boarded up houses and boarded up buildings. You could feel a deep sense of hopelessness when you walked in the building where the children were.

The children were hungry for love and attention. They enthusiastically asked Jesus to rescue them. They begged us not to leave. They asked us to stay and do another show. They wanted to know if we could come tomorrow. We gave them Jesus Storybook Bibles. I pray God will use these books to help them grow deeper in their faith. Please pray for these children.


As we write these words, we are waiting to get on a flight to Dublin, Ireland. Our plan is to tour five Irish cities with a Christian band, Reality, and do street shows. Please pray for this great adventure. I am asking God to do something extraordinary.


After Ireland, I plan on going on to Italy with five bags of equipment. Our Brazilian directors, Fabiana and Gerson, moved there only a couple of months ago. They left behind 18 teams in Brazil. They want God to do this same thing in Italy. They gave away or sold everything that they had. Their children gave many of their toys to a poor Brazilian village. They are fully committed to this project, but they need some more equipment. Please pray for them as they have a wonderful vision for Italy.

In Jesus,

Linda, Kelsey, and Leslie