Dearest Friends,

Can He Really Rescue Me?

We called so many places, trying to find someone who would let us come and do a show. Every time we mentioned “Jesus”, they told us that we could not come. Finally, one Director of a children’s program said “yes”. We were thrilled.

You might wonder why we are having such a hard time getting opportunities. We are not calling churches. We are not calling Christian camps. Most children are not coming into our buildings. We need to go to them!

Now that it is just the 3 of us, I am helping with the puppets . I have a new deeper respect for the hard work ghat the young people put into the show. They make their job look easy, but it is not. They give such joy to the children. The picture above was taken as they listened to one of their testimonies. Look at how intently they are listening!

Many children prayed out loud, asking Jesus to rescue them. Praise God! Afterwards, a crowd of children besieged me with questions. They wanted to know if the story I had told about Jesus was really a true story. These questions broke my heart. Some thanked me… these had prayed.

Many times I was asked, “Can Jesus rescue me?”. These children were still thinking about trusting Him. Where they live, they truly need a rescue. They are surrounded by crime, alcoholism, drug abuse and more. It is a very hard place to be little and alone. Pray for all of the children at this show.


A friend arranged for us to do 2 shows at her church. She made this happen on Saturday. Amazing! These children live in such a beautiful world. It was so different. We had a wonderful time with the children, but the best part was a dear lady who really loved the show and wants to pray for us. God is so kind to us. Some of the children prayed, asking the Lord to rescue them.


We are headed into the downtown area to do a show. Please pray! Again, this was the only one who would take us.

In Jesus, Linda for Drake and Kelsey