[cateogry Updates, Ireland]

Dearest Friends,

We Are In Africa!

The crowd in front of us on our last day in Dublin was full of children from many African nations. We were at a church where there is a large immigrant community. I loved hearing them call on God, asking for forgiveness, praying for Jesus to rescue them. I loved this day! They prayed loudly . It was a beautiful way to end our time in Dublin!

You Look Like A Fairy Godmother!

I was talking with 2 teenagers in Galway on the street. They had watched our show the previous night and were very interested in taking. When they told me I looked like a fairy godmother, I really laughed!

The young man said, “Are you religious?”I explained to him that I was not. I talked with him about how when we try to reach up to God with our good works…it will never succeed. He was amazed! He thought because of the work I do, my good deeds would get me to heaven. It was so sweet to tell him about Jesus and His finished work on the cross. I can still see his smile! Please hold him and his sister in your prayers.

Galway was heartbreaking. Every time I would mention Jesus name, about half of the people would grab their children’s hands and pull them away. It was a huge rejection of Jesus’ gift. However, I always timed it so that before they got out of range of our very big PA system, the children heard about Jesus rescue plan for them. Please pray for Galway. It is a dark place. We were blessed to be light!


This is always a hard place. It is dark here, but we had many told so stories. It was the least rain that we have ever had.

My favorite story was when a large group of children came very close. They listened so intently. It is the sweetest joy to tell children how they do not have to be afraid anymore!

In Jesus, Linda for Kelsey, Leslie, Reality, and God’s Handiwork

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