[cateogry Updates, Ireland]
Dearest Friends,


This trip is full of blessings! There are stories that you missed that I want you to enjoy!

1. In Killarney yesterday, a deaf lady asked Jesus to be her Savior. We were working with an American team and one of the ladies knew sign language. She was able to tell the lady what she could not hear and she put her trust in Jesus!

2. This afternoon, we will be in Killarney, but tonight we are sharing at the Rose of Tralee festival. This is the first time that we have had the joy of sharing in 2 different cities on the same day. Please pray for wisdom and strength.

3. On the way over, I had 2 lovely conversations with 2 ladies. Both were from Bulgaria. This was a very sweet joy to talk with them about Jesus and how He alone can give hope.

4. An Irish teenager was set up next to us in Limerick selling flags for an upcoming sports match. He happily accepted a Bible and listened intently to the stories I told. Please hold him in your prayers.

5. Incredible conversations happen on the street while the band is singing or we are doing puppets. Last year, Michelle and Rayme poured into one man on the street. This year , he has a different story. He took the time to buy a card and write a thank you letter to them. Most of the time, we do not know what the Lord is doing. This was a wonderful encouragement!

6. Matthew is John and Anne”s son. He has been helping us for years with the puppets. This year, he really wanted to do a better job on his testimony so he learned to do one of our illusions. He is doing awesome! He stands on the street and shares with so many. He is 7 years old. Could you do this?

In Jesus, Linda… for Kelsey, Leslie, Reality, and God’s Handiwork