Dearest Friends,

The Children Are So Cold!

Please, we need your help. I received the following request from our Nepali puppet director .

Tika Ram Baral wrote,
“I have been asked by a dear pastor friend of mine who was also my student to visit a very remote village which is on the border of Tibet. It’s only 3 days walk on foot after 7 to 8 hours of four wheel driving on a very rough road!!!! Because of the yearly ministry of my student’s church , 3 families have accepted Jesus Christ in that village. It is full of children. The pastor has requested me to come there with the Jesus Film and with some tools to share with children. I believe that these programs will have a great impact on the villagers. The pastor knows that we provide warm coats to needy children so he has requested us to provide warm coats for these poor kids. This village is in the Himalayas , so it’s always cold. Could you please bring 200 coats with you this time?”

Please help me meet this need. These children are cold, but they have a bigger need. They do not know the warmth of the Father’s love. These coats will warm their little bodies and be used to share with them the kindness of the living God! Help us help them! We must have them by January 15th, 2019. Thank you!

In Jesus, Linda and Kelsey