Dearest Friends,

Coat Questions

So many of you have lovingly responded to our appeal for children’s coats for Nepal. Thank you for your generous hearts!

I have received more than a dozen emails with the same questions and imagine that more of you are also asking these questions.

1. Can I donate money for coats? Yes, you can. We will be happy to shop for you. You can send a check to :
The Ágape Puppets 6550 West Armuchee Road
Summerville, Georgia 30747
You can donate online at our website
In both instances, please indicate that this money is for this specific project.

2. What sizes do you need? We need all sizes of children’s coats. Through the years, we have seen so many children receive coats and always we have the right number and the right sizes. God always gives us what we need.

3.Why are you doing this project? First of all, we feel led by God to do this project. He has shone us a need that we are blessed to meet. Always, I want to see the world with my Father’s eyes. Secondly , we have done this same project in many villages and seen people drawn to Jesus by these acts of kindness. I ache for the people of Nepal to know the Lord.

4.Why don’t you buy them in Nepal? We always do all we can to support the local economy. Every year, we buy Bibles that are locally printed in Nepal, but the coats are better bought here. The selection is very limited where we work and those coats that are available are simply too expensive.

I hope this helps with your questions. Again, I am so very grateful for each one of you.

In Jesus, Linda and Kelsey