Dearest Friends,

Amazing !

Today really was amazing! We arrived yesterday , Friday, in Kathmandu. I love the sound of that word. Ever since I first heard it as a little girl, I thought that the very mention of a trip to that place promised adventure. As an adult, I have discovered that my childhood thoughts were correct. Always , we have great adventures in this place. We see the Father do wonderful things.

After our puppet director, Tika Ram Baral came to pick us up at the airport, we drove about 6 hours across the country to Chitwan.

Today is Saturday and their worship day. We drove through many villages and even a jungle where tigers and monkeys live. Finally, we arrived at a small village church where we were blessed to share our stories about how Jesus is moving in our lives. Kelsey sang “Amazing Grace” and did a beautiful job. It was a beautiful time with our Nepali brothers and sisters.

The picture above is from this church. The little girls in the photo blessed me with many smiles, but there was another little girl that truly captured my heart. As we were leaving, I noticed a little girl at the entrance to the church. She was peeping around the corner of the open front door.She seemed to be drawn to the place, but was too frightened to enter.

I asked Tik to help me talk to her. We were quickly told that a branch had fallen and hit her in the head. They said that she was not “right in the head”.

I saw a little girl that was curious and needed to be welcomed. I saw someone that I think others had stopped seeing. I told her about Jesus who did amazing things. I encouraged her to come to the church and hear His stories. It is a good church. I wish I had had more time. However, I think that because we saw her and out of all the people in the church, spoke with her , I think maybe others will see her. Please pray for this little one. The Father sees her. We must see her. Who do you not see?

Tomorrow, is a long drive to travel to another part of the country. Please pray us safely there.

In Jesus, Linda and Kelsey