Dearest Friends,

Our Beautiful, Crazy Day

For most of the people of Nepal, the Hindu population, today is a holiday to celebrate Shiva, one of the 3 main God’s of Hinduism. Shiva is the destroyer. He is darkness. The children were out of school and that was good for us.

We went to a village church pastored by one of our puppeteers. His place is full of light. It serves a community that is the poorest of the poor. These dear people are sometimes called “rat catchers “. Only ten per cent of these people walk in the light. It is a very dark place.

Today, we were teaching a seminar to a ladies group, but we arrived to find over a hundred children waiting on us and they kept coming. So, we changed our plans and did what God had always planned for us to do. We did a puppet show and heard children calling on Jesus. Then, we taught a ladies seminar that was equally full of men. They wanted to know what was being said to the ladies. So, I taught the ladies and the men listened. A goat also attended. He was loud. A 3 year old spent most of the seminar bashing everyone around him with an empty 2 liter bottle. Three older ladies seemed to be having their own meeting. Many children remained and chased each other while I spoke. A truck playing unbelievably loud music drove slowly past us to honor the god Shiva. I wondered why a god made of concrete liked loud music. We fed everyone lunch.

It was a beautiful, crazy day. Somewhere, in the midst of all the distractions and noise, children and ladies listened. My friend Tik agreed. We all loved today! It was just crazy! It is Nepal. We are blessed!

We arrived back at our hotel to more crazy. A sweet young man swept and mopped Kelsey’s floor , but she still has dead bugs on the floor. We are laughing so hard. A wedding is taking place right outside my window. I am on the bottom floor. The music is so loud! You have never known such a wedding. There is a marching band. They have one horn that sounds like the mating call of an elephant. We are still laughing and still blessed.God is good!

In Jesus, Linda and Kelsey