Dearest Friends ,


Some people think treasure is something sparkly or golden, but I know that true treasure is the sweet children that the Father puts before us each day. We did 2 shows today, one in a school and the other at a village. The smiling children in the photo above are from the village. Again, we were with the people that this society labels as the lowest of the low. They say that the children you are looking at are worthless. They are often called “rat catchers”.

We are with desperately poor children every day who have nothing. How do you have less than nothing? Today, life was good for these children and their parents. They watched a puppet show for the first time in their lives, got a small present, and heard a beautiful story about a beautiful rescuer. They heard that the living God sees them as more precious than gold. Can you imagine always being told that you are worthless and then learning that you are a treasure to God?

Both of these shows were very precious to all of us. I loved the way the children listened and laughed and smiled. I also had cause to laugh. An older man at the first show proposed marriage. The fact that I still wear Mike’s rings did not discourage him. I am still smiling, even though another wedding is taking place outside my window. The marching band is bigger and they have more “elephant horns”.

Please keep praying!

In Jesus, Linda and Kelsey