Dearest Friends,

Mysteries and Delights!

Yesterday , we were setting up to do a show at a very poor school. We were directly across from the outhouses. My storytelling spot was in some mud not made by the rain. So many children were sitting and looking up at me , waiting to hope.

It was a difficult show. The children were uncomfortable and that quickly led to problems. Most were probably hungry and all but 2 out of a couple of hundred children were Hindu. Honesty, many were not listening. Sometimes, it is so easy to focus on what is not happening for us instead on what the Lord is giving us. I made that mistake. Then, I saw a couple of rows of older kids who were staring straight at me. They were hot, dirty, probably hungry and listening. I became grateful! I saw what the Father wanted me to see. The listeners gave me joy, but my heart still broke for the rest of the children. I want so desperately for all of them to listen and meet the Father. I want to see the Lord put light in their eyes. I want them not to be afraid. I want the things for them that are not of this life. Please pray for all of them… the Father knows their names.

Two more shows followed. The sun was bright and the work was very sweet. At 1 show, we had over 800 children. Part of them are pictured above. They listened. I can not explain it, but it made my heart sing. We were amazed. I used my one Nepali word and they all laughed. ( I can say smile) They also listened at the third show. We are all full of wonder and sadness and joy unspeakable. Please keep praying!

In Jesus, Linda and Kelsey