Dearest Friends,

So Many Coats

As most of you know, we collect coats each year for Nepal. After we leave, our Puppet Director, Tika Ram Baral , delivers them. The location is always in the mountains and requires days of hiking. This year , they will have a donkey to help them. I love donkeys!The picture above is from last year’s coat project.

This year we brought over 200 coats to Nepal. The coats have been used across the years for opening many doors into closed Hindu villages. Tik always presents the Jesus film and does a program for the children. We have seen people follow Jesus as a result of those efforts.

We are especially excited about this year’s project. Tik is going to an area that is on the Tibetan border and 100 per cent Buddhist. He has been invited to go into a Buddhist monastery, do a program for the children, and then present the coats. Can you imagine Jesus being shared in such a dark place? This is amazing!

I really appreciate all of you who gave coats and provided the funds for his travel. This is our first opportunity to serve children on the Tibetan border.

In Jesus, Linda and Kelsey