Dearest Friends,

A Sweet Day!

In a field of mango trees, surrounded by huge mounds of hay, we had a very sweet show. The children listened so intently as I told them how they could know Jesus as their rescuer. They loved the puppets! They really focused on the testimonies. A little girl even picked me a rose! It was a very sweet show! The first show of the day was equally a blessing!

Not all days have been so sweet. We have had days that were so hard. The day that 2 schools refused to let us come because we love Jesus was a very hard day. I saw the children that we could have shared with and my heart broke for them. I know that only Jesus can take away their fear and give them hope. It was very hard not to be able to tell them about Him!

On a lighter note, I received another marriage proposal. This time, a Babaji, expressed his interest.Simply put, he is a devout follower of His false god, someone who has renounced all worldly links such as work, wealth and family to focus on his loving devotion to his Hindu god. Can you imagine 2 more polar opposite people? He came to one of our shows and heard the Gospel. Such a strange thing to have happen. I am becoming more accustomed to strange!

Please continue to hold us in your prayers! We start very early in the morning.

In Jesus, Linda and Kelsey